About Make It Clear Studio

Taking the Word of God with Clarity into Every Person's World through Film

Make It Clear Studio, a division of Make It Clear Ministries is dedicated to the production of Christian Films that present the clear truths of God’s Word.

Make It Clear Studio’s original series “The Bible Says” is currently being filmed and the first two episodes will be release this summer. This short film series will tackle some of difficult issues that today’s teens face. Not every episode will have a “Happy” theme. The series will present the issues of today in a realistic fashion and end with what the Bible says about the topic.

The Bible Says” series is meant to be used by pastors, and youth leaders to start a conversation about the many difficult issues that teens face today.
Make It Clear Studio is also working on two Pro-Life projects. “My Name is Melissa” and “The Option”.

My Name is Melissa

Melissa is a simple seven year old girl who loves the little things in life. Despite the fact that her working single mother can barely provide for them, Melissa is cheerful, fun-loving, upbeat, and thinks the best of everyone and everything … except for the “Alligator”, a Stalker who follows her at a distance, wherever she goes.

As the rest of Melissa’s life is recounted in very much Forrest Gump style, the audience sees Melissa every ten years; growing with her through the rough times and the good times, and learning the things that Melissa learns throughout her life. In every ten year segment, the Stalker hovers closer and closer, and every ten year segment ends at a unique point where Melissa, fearing for her life, flees from an unseen danger.

Near the end of her natural life, Melissa reflects on her average but wonderful life. The Stalker then attacks, the phases of the attacks affecting each decade of Melissa’s life where each segment left off, until, as a little seven year old girl again, Melissa cowers in the closet as the Stalker ominously closes in on her.

Her cries for help go unanswered as Melissa’s curdling scream echoes out of time and all fades away.

The Option
Make It Clear Studio is working in association with OnCue Studio to produce further episodes of “The Option”.

This series will give the viewer the truth about the controversial debate between pro-life and pro-choice. Should the young unwed, scared girls believe the lie they are being force fed or should they give life to the unborn baby they are carrying? Is it just a blob of tissue as they have been told, or is it a live, breathing human being?

The first episode is available on DavidHeavenerTV.com

My Name Is Melissa

Get more information on this project at MyNameIsMelissa.com

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C. Doug Stroup
Senior Director

Doug is a successful businessman and an accomplished performer with over 40 years’ experience.  He majored in Music Theater with an emphasis on vocal performance at Clayton State University.  He also received a degree in Biblical Education with a minor in Biblical Counseling from Florida Bible College.  He has performed on stage and screen since age 10.