Make It Clear Studio - "Trafficked" on-set

Cameron Arnett - Brad Stine - Annabelle Collins - Zachary Meiser
On Set with some of the cast
Cameron Arnett, BJ Arnett, Brad Stine, James De Vince, Caitlin Crane, Doug Stroup, The Stephanie Hadden film crew
Court Scene
Some of the Cast and Crew
Courtroom Scene
BJ Arnett and Annabelle Collins
Behind the Scenes
with Director Doug Stroup, Cameron Arnett and Brad Stine

A word from Senior Director Doug Stroup

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Filming for My Name is Melissa to begin July 2022

We will begin the filming of My Name is Melissa on July 5th of 2022.  We are still in need of funding to complete the project.  For further information contact us at


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